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Why You Should Train Outdoors More

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Gyms are a great place to go to exercise. Besides the fact they are full of equipment, they are also convenient and can help motivate you with posters, loud music and classes. While this is great most of the time, there are reasons to take your workout outdoors every once in a while.


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So, why should you be taking your workouts outdoors? Let's take a look:

1. Fresh air and sunshine!

There are numerous health benefits associated with being outdoors. Sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D, an important vitamin (it is actually a type of steroid) associated with immunity, bone health and anti-inflammatory qualities (1) (2). Fresh air not only provides us with oxygen - we kind of need that to, you know, not die - but can boost our mood and help beat stress (3).

2. Change of scenery

Being cooped up all day at home or in an office can be draining. A change of scenery can help you to relax and increase your creativity. Many great thinkers such as Steve Jobs and Aristotle spent a lot of time outdoors whilst trying to stimulate their creative juices. So, if you need a spark of inspiration, combine changing scenery with exercise for a double dose of creativity-boosting benefits.

3. Different types of exercise

Running isn't the only type of exercise you can do outdoors. Being outside allows you to perform exercises you may not normally be able to perform in the confined space of a gym. Throwing kettlebells or medicine balls, dragging sleds, sprinting up hills and carrying heavy, awkward objects are all exercises better suited to the outdoors than a gym - unless your gym happens to have a hill inside it.