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Personal Training

Bespoke Experience. Ongoing Support. Adaptive Approach

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Welcome to Personal Training

Bespoke Experience

Our bespoke experience starts with a free consultation where you can discuss everything regarding your needs. After this you will have a fitness and mobility assessment followed by in-depth feedback to ensure your needs are fully met.

Ongoing Support

Clients have access to a workout app which allows us to provide you with workouts you can perform when you are not training with your trainer. In addition to this, we can support with habits and nutritional guidance to greater improve the chances of success.

Adaptive Approach

While almost all one-to-one sessions take place in person, sessions can be delivered remotely when needed allowing greater flexibility and ease of access.

Personal training goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, offering a customised fitness experience that takes into account an individual's fitness level, health concerns, and lifestyle. Your trainer serves as a knowledgeable and supportive partner, assisting you in maximising your efforts and ensuring a safe and effective fitness journey.

At aFitness Personal Training, we offer bespoke Personal Training services adapted to your needs. We use functional training principles to train movements instead of muscles, which can help to reduce chronic injuries, while helping you perform better in your daily activities.


We are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals.


Mobile App Integration

Workouts, Habits and More!

Clients training with aFitness Personal Training have access to our workout app so you can keep up with your programme outside when you're not training with your Trainer.

Access workouts and programmes with easy-to-follow videos and instructions in a convenient app for you to use at home or in the gym.

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What Type of Exercise?

The main approaches to health and fitness we take...


Functional Training

Train movement patters as opposed to muscles. Improve movement efficiency and increase functional muscle mass whilst reducing the risk of injury and imbalances.


Postural Training

By improving your mobility and strength in certain areas, we can work to improve your posturand reduce the instances of chronic neck, back and hip pain.


Mobility Exercise

Adjacent to functional strength sits mobility. Being able to move your joints through their full range of motion is especially important when working to maximise movement quality and strength.



High-Intensity Interval Training - HIIT - is a great way to burn extra calories and improve your cardiovascular system. Sometimes, we utilise boxing drills which helps achieve the above whilst learning a vital skill.

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Looking for Online Coaching?

Personal Training sessions can be delivered online if needed. If you are looking for alternative, online-only options, please visit our Online Coaching page to view the options.

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