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Discover how we can help you perform better both mentally and physically.



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Welcome to aFitness Personal Training

Everyone deserves to be fit and healthy. That is why our goal is to make exercise and a healthy lifestyle as easy as possible. There are no gym memberships, no hidden fees and no hassle. We train in the great outdoors or your home and provide all the necessary equipment. 

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Personal Training

One to one Personal Training is the most effective form of training. Have the complete, undivided attention of your trainer as you work together to safely and efficiently reach your goals.

Group Training

Train with a friend, family member or colleague to experience a different way of training. Training with another person is a great way to increase motivation and adherence.

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Online Coaching

Online training allows the trainer and client to work together remotely. You will still receive high-quality coaching and instruction, whilst being cosy in your own home. 

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What Clients Say

Greg B

John is highly professional with an amazing breadth of knowledge covering not just fitness training but also diet, motivation and general karma. A great find.

Jo S

Excellent training sessions with John. Always different and always pushing me to go that one step further. Very motivational trainer, would highly recommend.

Bij D

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Have worked with John for over five years, has helped me keep fit and motivated, has become a friend as well as my PT. Would recommend him highly.