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November 2021 Monthly Round-Up

It has been a busy November here at aFitnessPT. Long working days and new clients to work with bring exciting challenges and a chance to put some newly learned skills into practice. Working outdoors a lot provides its own benefits such as exposure to the beautiful, crisp autumn weather we are experiencing here in London. The array of autumnal colours on display at the beginning of the month in the many parks of London provide the perfect backdrop for a challenging workout for those brave enough to venture outside and, although the temperature has dropped since, the cold sometimes can make you feel more alive...sometimes!!


November is always a long, arduous month for many of us. As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, we often find our motivation lacking. Suddenly, getting out of bed becomes more challenging and our efforts with regards to our diet and exercise regime may falter.

Here are 3 tips, 2 news pieces and 1 article to help you stay on track:

Three great tips:

Tip #1: Have a plan!

It is an hour before you should be working out. You are tired, cold and don’t feel up to it. If you do not have a clear idea of what you are doing in the gym it is very easy to drop out. Writing yourself a plan for your workout is a great way to stop you from dropping out and it doesn’t have to be too complicated either! Pick 5 exercises, number them 1-5 with 1 being the hardest and 5 the easiest. Perform 10 reps of exercise 1, 20 of exercise 2 and so on. Perform this twice more and then leave.


Tip #2: Don’t do it alone.

Having a support group not only helps to keep you motivated but also keeps you accountable for your actions. Telling friends, partners and family members of your goals and encouraging them to keep supporting you is a big part of succeeding. Hiring a Personal Trainer is also a fantastic way to ensure you keep moving forward towards your goals.


Tip #3: Eat heartily.

Comfort food doesn’t need to be unhealthy. Stews, soups and casseroles are fantastic ways to consume heaps of healthy minerals and vitamins. Experiment with different ingredients and flavours to ensure you get a range of nutrients and benefits.


Two News Pieces:

This piece by explains how a common condition known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) may affect your motivation to exercise. SAD is a condition where the change in seasons can lead to low mood and depression partly due to changes in hormone levels such as vitamin D and melatonin. It also provides some handy tips to help combat this and how to remain consistent with your exercise efforts.


Ever wondered how fitness professionals remain motivated to exercise? asked 12 health professionals their motivations to stay active and what inspires them to keep going. A very interesting insight into how we manage to fit exercise into our hectic schedules!


One Interesting Article:

4 Tips to Boost Fitness Outside The Gym