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Hybrid Online Programme



To continue to offer affordable, accessible health and fitness services we are launching a new programme which blends group online personal training with education and personalised feedback. 

Accessible and Affordable

All the benefits of a Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost. If regular Personal Training is too expensive this is the perfect solution. 45-minute sessions at accessible times of the day allow people to join when it is most suitable. 

Online Fitness Training

The classes will contain 30+ minutes of exercise. Combining Functional Movements, High-Intensity Training, Core Strengthening and Stability and Mobility exercises, the sessions are designed to address all areas of fitness in the most efficient, time-effective manner as possible. Find out more about Training.

Nutritional Coaching

The next part of the classes will contain nutritional coaching and guidance along a progressive nutritional programme. The programme is designed to educate and guide individuals towards optimal dietary habits and breaks down changes into manageable steps designed to quickly and safely change your habits. 

Your Questions Answered

One of the benefits of being under the guidance of a Personal Trainer is access to their expertise and knowledge. You will have the opportunity to have your health and fitness related questions answered at the end of the class. There will also be the option to upgrade your subscription to get full access to Help and Support from a Personal Trainer.


"John is a first-class trainer dedicated, knowledgeable and reliable. He always works me hard to achieve my goals. Every session is variable and different and I particularly enjoy pad work with boxing gloves. I thoroughly recommend him."

- Garry S


"John is highly professional with an amazing breadth of knowledge covering not just fitness training but also diet, motivation and general karma. A great find."

- Greg B

Register Your Interest

We are busy developing this new product and are aiming to go live in early 2023. Join our waiting list to stay informed of developments and timelines. We will not bombard you with spam or advertising.

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