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Explore our training options from Personal Training to Online Coaching


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We will go through your answers and come up with a proposal to discuss on the call or via email if preferred.

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Personal Training


One to one Personal Training is the most effective form of training. We train using functional training principles - train the movements instead of the muscles. This training method is better suited to modern-day life as it can help reduce chronic injuries such as back pain, whilst helping you perform better in your daily activities.


Note: We only serve the London area for one-to-one Personal Training. If you live outside of the London area and would still like to train, check out Online Coaching

Every session is designed to push you to your limit and to keep pushing you as you get stronger and fitter. Using up-to-date training methods we ensure every session is safe and effective, promoting health and wellbeing whilst remaining fresh and new.



All training equipment is provided for you. Kettlebells, resistance bands, boxing pads and battle ropes are often used. All you need to bring is suitable exercise shoes, water and enthusiasm!

No Contracts

There are no lengthy gym contracts that tie you into a deal you can't get out of. There are no hidden fees or charges. See terms and conditions for a full list

Free Consultation

We are offering a FREE 30-minute consultation to anyone starting training or nutritional coaching with us. The consultation is carried out either by phone or in person.


We come directly to you to train either at home, in the office or at a convenient outdoor location.

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Online Coaching


Online training allows the trainer and client to work together remotely. You will still receive high-quality coaching and instruction, whilst being cosy in your own home. Just because you can't make it to a gym, doesn't mean you can't train properly!


Bespoke Programme

Start off with a remote consultation with your trainer where you will go over your needs and goals. Then, after discussing everything, you will receive a bespoke programme of detailed exercises and lifestyle support for you to follow in your own time.

Online Coaching

Online coaching sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes long, where you will be taken through your workouts in your programme. This is an opportunity to receive high-quality guidance and advice, and to speak with your trainer about any other health and fitness issues to help you reach your goals. You can decide the frequency and length of your sessions along with your trainer.

Continued Support

You will also receive continued support from your trainer for the duration of your programme via email or phone support. We are with you all the way.

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